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06 October 2019

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Cooking classes for children

Cooking classes for children

Cooking is one of the most useful, profitable and entertaining things children can learn!

Whether dreaming to become a dancer, footballer, doctor or to win X Factor, one thing is for sure, your child will always eat!

Do you want to give your child simple, quality and beautiful experiences, from which to learn practical things that are useful for his entire life?

Whether he’s on vacation or during school, the cooking workshops with Mama Maradin are what you need!

Trust and belief that “they can”, the joy of new experiences, the joy of sharing with you, dear parents, what he has learned, friendship, acceptance, play learning, quiet mind, discovering new tastes, are just some of the benefits of participating in our cooking classes!

Who are these workshops for?

For children between 4 and 12 years of age, eager to learn new things together with new friends.

Parents are also welcomed if they want to experience cooking with the little ones in an organized setting.

We cook, we learn and we play!

Did you know that food can influence the height, sleep or energy level? Children will learn such valuable information about their body and how food can influence them, making precious observations by themselves!

We develop individual and team skills in a practical context, discovering notions about what healthy meals and food is. Al of this while we cook and form a relationship between children and food.

We learn about fruits, vegetables, spices, what we eat, when and how, and then we transform all the ingredients with joy into delicious dishes. Everything is like a game; which children will surely want to repeat it at home!

During the activities they will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to focus on a task
  • Take responsibility for the things they have to do, compatible with their age
  • Develop trust in their own skills
  • Discover a talent in cooking or developing a new hobby
  • Develop manual working abilities

Who is Mama Maradin?

I am the mother of two children, who inspired me to start these activities, I’m the smallest sister in a family with 8 children and have been a manager for 20 years, I’m a personal development guide and a psychologist in training. I promote and support health by being a coach in a program of the Psy Development Academy

I always enjoyed inventing new tastes and I cook as I feel, the joy of cooking always coming from the harmonious atmosphere of a family meal.

During the classes with children, I am also a child, with them, enthusiastic and creative, happy and delighted to prepare inviting dishes.