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06 October 2019

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Cooking party for adults

Cooking party for adults

Do you want this year to do something different for your birthday together with your friends or family? Would you like to surprise a dear friend with a unique experience?

Would you like to combine the pleasant family atmosphere with a fun activity?

Cooking becomes fun when everyone participates, and at a cooking party organized by Mama Maradin, surely everyone will have something to do and will feel involved in the story.

We will enjoy together a glass of wine while we cook the menu chosen in advance. We come up with the proposal, and you can change it as you please, with a maximum of 48 hours before the meeting.

We know that many times we get lost in our daily tasks, we are always on the run, and the traditional family evening meal, when we all gather around the table and rejoice that we are together, it takes place quite rarely or only on Holidays and maybe even then, not every time.

This is precisely why we bring the feast atmosphere and harmony from family dinners with us at the table, along with your guests, who will enjoy the experience of cooking together, contributing with their experience or maybe only with their willingness to prepare a magical evening.

We offer you a generous space and the optimal conditions for you and your guests, we take care of the ingredients, recipes and if you have a favorite one, we can cook it.

On request we can also add a wine tasting, along with a sommelier who will teach you how to choose the right wine for your menu.

During the class we can also enjoy a moment of karaoke if you want.

We promise to bring valuable information for healthy eating so that the package is complete: harmony, connection, valuable information, fun, good food and a great celebration!