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06 October 2019

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Looking for a new and different option for a team building? Would you like to have fun and interact with your team?

Have you ever thought that cooking can be turned into a game too?

An example of a scenario for a team building could be the following:
We divide into two teams, and each has a certain dish to cook. In the end, each team presents their dish in the most convincing way, using their preferred method, by either poetry, a song or a film, so as to be designated as the best dish. Those who managed to best promote their dish wins.

We thus succeed to sprinkle a little magic dust on a natural activity, known by all or almost all of us, and to discover ways that can make it fun, in which participants have the opportunity to show their mastery, creativity, team spirit, marketing knowledge, presentation and public speaking or artistic skills.

In addition to this, they will enjoy delicious dishes, prepared by themselves, together with a glass of wine, a pălincă or a vișinată.

Who will coordinate the activity?

I am Alexandrina or Mama Maradin, and the 20-year management experience of a team of 100 people has taught me a lot about what teamwork means and how important the harmony and interaction within it is.

I bring in addition to this professional experience knowledge of nutrition acquired as a coach in a health program, recipes learned from my childhood and beyond, plus a beautiful life experience with many stories.

The result of such a team building will certainly be one to your liking, starting from the dishes we will cook together, to the family atmosphere you will feel with the other team members.