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06 October 2019

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For children

For children

Children are the most precious thing in life. Through them we can perpetuate everything we have best, more beautiful, more authentic.

Do you want a new and exhilarating activity for the little ones?

Would you like for them to capture both knowledge and skills that help them have a healthy diet?

Then cooking with Mama Maradin is the ideal solution!

Always excited to learn something new, it’s great for us to have them join the cooking workshops designed specifically for them or to organize their parties.

Such activity is the ideal environment to learn healthy eating habits, as we apply nutrition principles and use fresh ingredients.

We grow a delicious context whereby children will learn valuable information about their body, with clear examples of the influence of food that they can observe themselves: how it influences height, sleep, or energy levels.

They have the opportunity to cook both warm dishes and desserts, understanding how and why we use certain ingredients and how they turn into inviting and tasty dishes.

Cooking, the child’s relationship with food is an extraordinarily practical context through which they can learn new notions about what a healthy meal and food means, and can develop different individual skills as well as team spirit.

During these activities they will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to focus on a task
  • Take responsibility for the things they have to do, compatible with their age
  • Develop trust in their own skills
  • Discover a talent in cooking or developing a new hobby
  • Develop manual working abilities

In addition, they will make new friends and spend quality time with them, learning and playing.

Following participation, they will begin to surprise you at home by engaging in meal preparation and even with a delicious snack or dessert prepared by their own little hands.

I am Mama Maradin and I discovered that following the time spent next to my mother in the kitchen as a child, cooking became something that I do with ease and great pleasure.

I wish to pass on what I inherited from my family and from what I have learned with love over the years, from nutrition courses and from the experience as a mother of two wonderful children.

Parents are also invited to participate in workshops or parties alongside their children to enjoy the experience together.