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06 October 2019

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For mothers

For mothers

Would you like to find the harmony of family meals as often as possible with your loved ones? Would you like to know more about how you can balance all aspects of your life?

How to adapt to your family’s needs and have time for yourself as well, how to keep your energy level up in order to face all your responsibilities over the day, or how to keep your mind in peace although around you there is chaos?

My dear, the workshops and courses organized by me, Mama Maradin, are what you need!

I am Alexandrina, or Mama Maradin, the youngest sister in a family with 8 children, wife and mother, myself, of two wonderful children, who are my joy and inspiration.

At 32 I was an executive director and I had 120 people in my subordination, and at 38 I felt that I had reached a peak in my professional life and when my son asked me “Mommy, but if you like what you do, why are you so tired?” , I didn’t know what to answer.

It took me a few years before I started working on the inside, and I understood that only action can change something.

I followed a course of NLP, I continued the inner work, I became coach in a health program and now I feel to pass on what I have learned over the years as a wife, mother, manager, coach and from the experiences that have formed as a person.

I’m preparing for you:

  • Workshops that have as a theme healthy eating habits for the whole family and ways to bring harmony to your plate with every meal
  • Vegan, raw-vegan cooking, gluten-free cooking classes, depending on the needs that your family members have
  • Cooking workshops before the holidays where we will prepare cakes together with specialists
  • Personal development workshops where you will learn to find your balance, how to be in harmony, to have enough energy and to be focused.

I expect you soon, in a beautiful and intimate atmosphere, to talk about cooking, harmonious and healthy meals for the family, about your development as a wife, mother, woman!