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06 October 2019

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For tourists

For tourists

Do you want to enrich your experience as a tourist in Romania? Would you like to discover the mysteries of traditional Romanian cooking?

The traditional Romanian cooking course of Mama Maradin is perfect for you!

Who will offer you this authentic experience?

I’m Alexandrina, or Mama Maradin, as the people who knew me in the light of cooking like to call me.

I grew up in a village in Neamţ County, Moldova, in a large and beautiful family with 8 children.

When I returned home on vacation, during my studies, the contribution I could easily and gladly bring to the family was my cooking.

I became a manager, though I studied to become an engineer and lead a team of over 100 people.

I am, myself, a mother, and cooking has always been an important part of my life, being in love with the wonderful and harmonious atmosphere that a family meal creates.

Now, I am pleased to have the opportunity to give further what I know and to offer authentic, Romanian experiences to those who want to know our country better.

Why choose the traditional cooking course of Mama Maradin?

We, as Romanian, we love traditional food. We keep close to our hearts our traditional cuisine and we are proud of the role that food plays in our culture.

Foreign tourists visiting România, although fascinated by the taste of traditional food, do not have the opportunity to ever see behind the closed door of the kitchen, where the magic of the preparation of our dishes actually happens.

Everyone knows about Italian food, French food, Chinese food, Mexican food… Why not also about the Romanian food?

The traditional cooking course of Mama Maradin aims to share this part of the Romanian culture with visitors in a pleasant and intimate way.

We want visitors to leave with the feeling of a genuine Romanian experience and the feeling that they have truly lived for a few hours, the exact same way of living as the Romanians.