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06 October 2019

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Team Buildings

Team Buildings

Are you wondering how you could easily connect with your colleagues, family or friends, on a different kind of evening?

My name is Alexandrina, also called Mama Maradin and my mission is to bring harmony to the plate for people of all ages, through traditional Romanian dishes, cooked together, as inside the family.

This harmony brings us energy, creativity and enthusiasm.

Whether it is a team building or a party that will have as the main activity the cooking, the effect is guaranteed: all your guests will relax, have fun, learn new things, and certainly will not leave on an empty stomach.

I studied to become an engineer, but my life brought me to a management position from which I led a team of 100 people, along with whom I grew and learned a lot.

In search of soul fulfillment, I have come to take on the role of a coach in a health program by learning valuable things about our body, health, healthy habits and food.

I wish to give further everything I know and indulge myself with what I receive in return from the participants of these evenings: smiles and joy.